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Jul 10, 2020 at 05:34 AM

Disable draft functionality in Custom Fiori List report


Request your help to disable certain feature of draft functionality. Created a BOPF-CDS view list page, where draft functionality was enabled. Now requirement is to remove draft feature in a way that when creating a new item if not saved it should not save a draft and on edit of an item if changes are not saved it should not save a draft.

Temporary version is not required.

1. Consumption view: @ObjectModel:draftEnabled:True was removed

2. Interface view, Changes tried were removing draftenabled:True and writeDraftPersistence: 'Ztable and addition of

writeActivePersistence: Ztable.
/*transactionalProcessingEnabled: true,
 /* draftEnabled: true,--Commented 
/*writeDraftPersistence: 'Ztable_D',--commented
 writeActivePersistence : 'Ztable', 
semanticKey: ['key'],

Above changes didn't made any impact and are bringing inconsistencies in BOPF.