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Jul 09, 2020 at 11:39 AM

SAP Data Intelligence on Azure


Dear Community,

I'm interested in the SAP Data Intelligence trial and wanted to test it on the MS Azure environment. I have a MS Azure account (free trial) and the SAP Data Intelligence trial. When following the steps as mention in the tutorial, I get the following warning when I want to set up the SAP connection (step 3): "Please be aware that the selected solution "SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition 3.0" is only fully supported on certified platforms which is not the case for the VM size E2S_v3 of the Microsoft Azure cloud provider. Although the selected solution has been tested on this platform, support remains limited to community support even if an SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription package is in place."

So I switched to a MS Azure paid subscription, but the same warning occurs. When I continue with this warning, SAP Data Intelligence is unable to start, and the following error pops up: "QuotaExceeded - HTTP 400 - Provisioning of resource(s) for container service SAPDataIntelligence in resource group SAPCAL-P2002521712-213529639 failed. Message: Operation could not be completed as it results in exceeding approved Total Regional Cores quota. Additional details - Deployment Model: Resource Manager, Location: westeurope, Current Limit: 4, Current Usage: 0, Additional Required: 24, (Minimum) New Limit Required: 24."

However, further inspection of the specifications shows that it should work with the available specs. Are there other user who want to try SAP Data Intelligence on MS Azure? If you were able to do this, can you please tell me which settings you used?

Many thanks in advance.