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Jul 07, 2020 at 10:16 PM

Opportunities Report - Inconsistency in involved parties information with left outer join DS



I'm doing some testing with the opportunity functionality using the involved parties information. In this case I have an opportunity without the involved party role ”ZDIS-Distribuidor” and another that has 2 records with this involved party role (see next image).

As part of the monitoring and management, I need a report to visualize the information of the opportunities with its involved party “ZDIS-Distribuidor”, for this I created a "left outer join" data source having CODOPPU as anchor data source and CODOPPPTYB as secondary data source, with the opportunity field (DOC_UUID) as the join element.

After this, I created a report related this data source, but when I launch this report filtering “ZDIS-Distribuidor” party role, it only shows me the second opportunity with the corresponding records (see next image)

In this scenario due to the configuration of the data source I was also expecting to see the first opportunity with the “ZDIS-Distribuidor” party role and with part "#-Not assigned" (see next image)

but the result is not what was expected. I checked "BusinessAnalyticsGuide.pdf" file documentation of the latest release (May-2020) and aplied the corresponding steps to build the left outer join data source, but I can not get the expected behaivor.

I will aprecciate your help with this case.