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Jul 07, 2020 at 03:30 PM

Cannot create target element in SAP PI 7.4


Good afternoon Dear,

I am developing an SAP ECC Abap Proxy -> SAP PI-> Webservice(Soap/XML) interface.

This interface is synchronous.

I imported the wsdl from the Webservice in SAP PI (Version 7.4).

I performed the message mapping of response as shown in the image:

The first difference I see is that when performing the response message mapping, the buscaOrdemServicoResponse node does not appear in the message mapping. It only appears when I imported wsdl. This is the first question, I didn't understand why the buscaOrdemServicoResponse node only appears in the External Definition when you import the wsdl and it doesn't appear in the message mapping.

Have you seen this scenario? Or have you been through a situation like this?

The other issue is that the Webservice is returning a different xml (payload) that SAP PI is expecting to receive.

The Webservice is returning the following XML:

However, SAP PI is expecting to receive the following XML:

Consequently I am getting a mapping error:

Would it be the case to ask the team that developed the webservice to make the adjustment on the webservice side for the integration to work? Or is there something that can be done on the SAP PI side?

Could you help me?


Sérgio Salomão


jtplx.png (36.6 kB)
a5lnt.png (44.1 kB)
7zk5y.png (77.2 kB)
xr8zz.png (24.0 kB)
vyuc6.png (46.7 kB)
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