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Jul 13, 2020 at 01:00 PM

Display sap-message created by CAP Backend when calling function imports


Hello SAP Fiori Elements Experts,

in a SAP Cloud Application Programming Model application I can use and req.error to fill the sap-message HTTP header. I've added an action checkConsistency which is bound to the Orders entity in my sample project bookshop-demo. Following this forum post CAP / Fiori execute bound action for multiple entities in Fiori worklist page from Manuel Seeger I've added the needed annotations and see now a button "Check Consistency" when I list the orders:

Unfortunately the message does only appear after I've implemented a adaptTransientMessageExtension following the documentation Adapting Transient Messages that Come from the Backend. My expectation would be that all messages provided by the backend are displayed. Unfortunately the error returned from Order Number 1 results in this error page:

And the information returned from Oder Number 2 isn't displayed at all.

Looking forward for your insights.

Best regards