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Jul 12, 2020 at 11:16 AM

Help me with Custom Installing the SAP BusinessObjects



I have been trying to make a cluster environment using 5 systems.

What I want:

System 2: CentralManagementServer, Event Server, AdaptiveJobServer

System 3: AdaptiveProcessingServer, CentralManagementServer, CrystalReports-Servers

System 4: AdaptiveJobServer, CrystalReports-servers

What I am getting:

System 2: CentralManagementServer, Event Server, AdaptiveJobServer, AdaptiveProcessingServer, WebApplicationServer
System 3: AdaptiveProcessingServer, CentralManagementServer, CrystalReports-Servers, WebApplicationContainerServer
System 4: AdaptiveJobServer, CrystalReports-servers, Web Application Container Server, AdaptiveProcessingServer

My issue is that on system 2,3,4 while installing the product using custom method, I am getting unwanted servers.

How to avoid WACServer and APServer.

Help would be appreciated.