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Jul 09, 2020 at 01:53 PM

ME3N is not working for ACCESSIBILITY_MODE parameter with blank or X (Capital) only with x (small)


After reading the the OSS SAP Note 2733643, I found the possibility to correct a dump that is appearing in the when I run the report ME3N, but I am trying to visualize in ALV format and the only one that is working is when I add the 'x' . I have seen my productive system and is working properly, but my quality environment is presenting this inconsistency.

ACCESSIBILITY_MODE parameter = x is working

ACCESSIBILITY_MODE parameter = (blank) is not working

ACCESSIBILITY_MODE parameter = X is not working

According with the note, this would be corrected only adding this parameter in the SU3 or SU01 Tcodes

Do you know how to correct this discrepancy ?