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Jul 08, 2020 at 10:00 AM

MIGO shows quantity 0 for one item only from STO


hello all

I have an issue with the GR of stock transfer.

I have 3 intercompany PO with 1 Item each and 1 outbound delivery with all 3 items: picking and PGI were done correctly and show in the document flow of the delivery as well as in all PO history.

MB5T correctly shows materials and quantity of transit stock.

But when I perform MIGO with GR of the outbound delivery, all 3 items show but only 2 have the quantity: the 3rd item has quantity 0 and when I try to change the quantity, I receive an error message EKLA-LWSBB exceeded by 15 PC.

I can perform the GR for 2 items correctly, the third not.

can someone help? I have seen this issue on the forum but the solutions suggested are not suitable