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Jul 07, 2020 at 10:45 PM

error when create an A/R Invoice: Internal Error (-1004) message 131-183


Good day.

We want to do next question: when the user add an A/R Invoice appear the next error message: Internal error (-1004) message 131-183:

the A/R invoice has an approval process. We disable it and disable all add ons and formatted searxches in tne A/R INvoice form, but the error message persist. however this error does not occur when the A/R invoice is made by manager user. Customer has SAP 9.3 Pl 11 SQL

¿how can we adjust this error? ¿what we should to revise to detect the error origin?

beforehand thanks for your attention and help.


xjf0p.png (11.1 kB)