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Jul 13, 2020 at 12:51 PM

SAP PPM authorizations


We have the following scenarios in PPM

  • 1.User A should have portfolio and bucket display access but should be able to create/change item, initiative, Version (Item), Version (Initiative), Reviews, Collection Management, What-If Scenario Management
  • 2.User B should have bucket create/change access but should have display access to item, initiative and financial planning (item, initiative and bucket)
  • 3.User C should have bucket & initiative display access but should have access to create portfolio item, Version (Item), Version (Initiative), What-If Scenario Management

I tried creating 3 roles with the authorization object ACO_SUPER but not able to achieve the above requirement.

I also tried providing ACL authorizations at object level through miscellaneous->authorizations->user roles and assigned the roles to the user in the backend.

Could you please suggest how to build the roles to meet the above requirement.