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Jul 11, 2020 at 07:27 PM

Group Reporting Revenue and COGS elimination


hello Group Reporting gurus !

I am here with a question on group reporting's feature IC Revenue and COGS/CoS elimination.

What I understand is, this feature applies to tasks 2011 and 2041. What we have done is created a customer(a consolidation unit[=XYZ] within group)invoice manually via FB70 at a consolidation unit(company code=ABC) and booked CoS/COGS manually at the same consolidation unit(company code=ABC). The revenue booked with trading partner information wherein COGS didn't, which is obvious.

As a result, system generated 2 documents: 1 cross-company invoice(containing 2 accounting documents) and 1 COGS posting document.

Then, we did release the universal journal via data monitor. This also went well as ACDOCU got populated.

After this, we have executed task 2011 from consolidation monitor. This is not getting successful, as it says there is no document considered/present for reclassification.

My questions are -

1. with the constraint that no intercompany movement of goods configured in the system, if we generate revenue and CoS document manually, would the system consider both parts(revenue and CoS/COGS) from 2 separate documents?

2. are we missing some steps between releasing of universal journal and running task 2011?

Helps will be appreciated !