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Jul 10, 2020 at 05:08 PM

PPM - Uploading Forecast Budget in Portfolio Item


Hi Experts,

As a part of data migration for legacy projects, I need to upload planned costs (Detailed cost element planning in ver. 1) from PS projects to Forecast Budget in Portfolio item.

Is there any BAPI or Standard program to upload Forecast budget in Portfolio item in PPM?


Is there any functionality to copy planned costs to Forecast budget in portfolio item?


Can we extend the standard upload portfolio item program i.e. RPM_DX_ITEM to include and upload Forecast budget to portfolio item? Not sure whether it is really possible.


I found a document “Portfolio and Project Management 5-Excel Integration” written by Andrea Langlotz.

That document suggests an option to export/download and import/upload Financial values from/to PPM and Excel.

The following are other reference links for Excel integration.

But, in order to implement above excel integration solution we must have a ‘Visual Basic’ capability/skills.

Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance.