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Jul 09, 2020 at 03:32 PM

how to close an iframe within a webui component, without closing the component itself ?


i created a webui component ZBP_COACH :

In this component, i have 2 iframes calling 2 bsps. These Bsps are calling one fiori view each

End -user result :

My issue/pb is : i would like to find a way for being able to close one of the fiori view without closing the complete component.

Currently, when i close the fiori view, the complete component is closed as well. Yet, i want/ need to be able to jump to the other fiori views of the same webui component.

Any idea / way of answering this need ?

It's easy to achieve using a pop-up. But in this case, Buz is requesting to keep the same page, without pop-up ...

Way of doing this using a pop-up. How to do the same without pop-up ?

here, i close the first fiori view & go back to the webui component

This is where i'm able to close the fiori view, going back to the webui component, from a pop-up

i would like to do the same but without using a pop-up !


eaqbw.png (126.4 kB)
jcy8w.png (64.8 kB)
5iq7t.jpeg (37.1 kB)
ysfjv.png (62.6 kB)
extpa.png (125.4 kB)
dbafe.png (102.7 kB)