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Jul 08, 2020 at 07:18 PM

Issue when using LIKE_REGEXPR in Calculation Views


Hi all,

I an working on a Graphical calculation view in HANA . we need to check if the input is a numeric or character.If the input is numeric then the leading zeros should be trimmed.

Since custom functions cant be used in Calculated Views, I have tried creating a calculated column and put the following logic in the Expression:


During validation it didnt show any errors. However when i tried to execute this View and see the raw data it is giving the following error.


However, when i executed LIKE_REGEXPR as a query , It did not give an error.


It is only giving this error when trying to use in The Calculation View. Please help me on this.


like-regexr.png (54.1 kB)
boolean-error.png (11.9 kB)