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Jul 08, 2020 at 08:49 AM

Physical inventory cycle count float time



i have configured cycle counting indicators for material as below.

CC indicator "A" -- no. of Physical Inventory: 50 -- Interval : 5 -- Float time 2 days.

in material master i have assigned CC indicator as "A".

i have created material on "30 june 2020".

so, when i run MICN transaction to check upcoming PI date, system calculates correct date.

Planned date : date of material creation + interval (saturday & sunday is holiday)

Planned date : 7 july 2020.

so, i missed to create PI document on 7 july 2020. and i created PI document on 8 july 2020 and then count and post same day.

after posting PI doc. i checked next planned date for PI doc for material in MICN.

but system calculates as : last physical inventory date + interval.

My question is , what is the use of FLOAT TIME in this scenario?

can anybody please explain use of float time.

Thanks in advance!


Ravi Kumar.