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Jul 07, 2020 at 02:04 PM

Configure certificate based authentication in SOAP receiver channel


Hi Experts,

I have requirement to connect to 3rd party web-service through PO 7.5. It is synchronous call from SAP to 3rd party web service.

SAP<--->PO<--->3rd Party Web service.

Now the 3rd party web-service owner doesn't want to use basic authentication (username/password) instead they want to use certificate based authentication.

They provided us two certificates - ".pfx" and ".cer"

".pfx" is key protected and cannot be imported in PI, If I am not wrong. So I imported ".cer" certificate in PO in a key view ,but when I am trying to read keystore entry in PO. I am not able to see the entry.

Can you please suggest how to see this entry in PO. Also what type of certificate I need to ask with the web service owners to certificate based authentication?



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