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Jul 09, 2020 at 12:04 PM

Filter Themes available for selection in Fiori Launchpad


This question is a reboot-like from a very similar one from 2015, I don't know the original author but that topic quickly drifted into a not wise workaround solution: disable theme selection by end-user.

Many companies want to apply their logos into Launchpad. Big part of them only wants to do that, they are OK with color schemes, they only want simple UI branding. The only official way until now is to create a new theme and apply it for users. This is overkill in many ways (not the main topic, but worth mentioning):

  • Need to rebuild theme after each UI component upgrade (or wait someone report a failure to rebuild it)
  • On CRM UI this could be achieved by simply changing one SPRO-related URL parameter.
  • If I also want to apply the logo on a acessibility-friendly theme, I need to create another theme. And then rebuild it too after each UI component upgrade.

(I can't even safely hack logo URL into Reverse Proxy rules to load my own resource due path being hashed for NW cache purposes, so only theme creation remains as solution for changing company logo).

Moving on, we already had one branded theme (theme selection disabled) and now I want to add a accesibility-friendly one for end-users pick whenever they need it. It's already 2020, this topic is more important than ever, and now i had some time to reinvestigate this again.

The trouble now begins: I want only our themes be available for selection at Launchpad settings, removing all the standard ones from selection list (since they use SAP logos).

I tried first to find a Note or Help pages about this topic: no results. Then searched through questions, where I found the one I mentioned at the beginning (but also without a proper answer).

This requirement is still impossible to achieve by any configuration/BAdI?

Have you also asked to fulfill this same requirement in the past and gave up? Give your thumbs up and comment it too. I am dealing with it at on-premise Launchpad (SAP_UI 7.52).

Best regards

(I already found on debug how to fulfill this through implicit enhancement, but I still have some hope of a prettier way to do it. I can blog it later if no official way is available).