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Jul 07, 2020 at 07:40 PM

Different Sales Unit per Sales Order Item

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Hello All,

I will be thankful if someone guide me on an issue.

I have a Main Company with 3 different Business Units and each Units have multiple business divisions who provides different services.

Example:- There is a Company A and it has 3 different Business divisions i.e. BU1, BU2 and BU3 at different locations.

Now under BU1, there are further Business Divisions represented as DIV A, DIV B and DIV C.

Under BU1, Div A is the main Business division who is responsible to bring business and creates a contract including services with their customers and then based on the agreed service with their customers, Division A will further distribute the responsibility of services to be taken care by other Business Divisions i.e. Div B and Div C, so that these Business Divisions will execute services on behalf of Business Division A. After providing all the services, Div. A will raise the final invoice with all service provided to their customers but Div. B and Div. C will do internal financial reconciliation with Div. A and ask for their profitability or revenue.

Here, BU1 has been created a Sales Organization/Service Organization and all Divisions are assigned as Sales Unit. Now, how can i create a centralized contract and distribute the responsibilities to other Business Divisions as i can not change sales unit which i assigned during Contract creation which is standard functionality.

Please suggest how can i map this process.