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Jul 07, 2020 at 05:13 PM

Match transform with 'Compare Table'


Hi All,

I am working on Match (base match) transform to compare data in two tables like KNA1 with Excel file and identify duplicate records by assigning Match score. I have designed job as follows - selected KNA1 table as a source then connected with Base Match transform. In properties -selected 'Customer' & 'ZIP' as input and in options, created Group key = ZIP & Match criteria = 'Customer'. Upon, selected 'Compare table' option and selected - Default action = Compare; Default source = Excel file; Logical soruce field = Customer; In Compare actions table -> I couldnt able to understand what values to pass especially Drive value & passenger values.

Please suggest is the process what I am following is correct to compare two datasets and find duplicate records with match score. I have attached screen prints of the same. Highly appreciate your valueble inputs & suggestions here.

Thanks in advance.



1.png (68.9 kB)