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Jul 02, 2020 at 09:37 PM

SAP APO DP Incorrect key figure split during holiday for some products


Dear gurus.-

In tcode /sapapo/sdp94 we have some two months June and July; both months June and July have three weeks with 5 working days and one with with 4 working days because one day is holiday.

The time split for demand key figure is ok for all skus for all the weeks of July, it means week 1, 2 and 3 with five working days have 100 cases, and the week 4 with the holiday and only 4 working days have 80 cases.

But, in June, the week 4 with the holiday and only 4 working days have 100 cases, which is incorrect because it is the same number of cases than the rest of the weeks with 5 working days, the correct number of cases should be 80, like in July.

I checked the time based disaggregation and looks fine /sapapo/msdp_admin that should apply for all the products, but, I found some products showing the right number with 80 cases for the week with 4 working days, showing 100 for the week with 5 working days.

What makes some products behave correct with the split for a week with a holiday and other products do not???

Can you please guide me to what do I have to check?

Thanks in advance.