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Jul 02, 2020 at 11:50 AM

Cascade of SAP Web Dispatchers in Reverse Invoke mode


Dear Gurus,

we're trying to build the external access to the Process Orchestration system (Java only) using a cascade of two Web Dispatchers (WD).

The scheme is following: ExternalRequest -> WD1 in DMZ <- WD2 in LAN -> PI system

Between WD1 in DMZ and WD2 in LAN is Reverse Invoke.

I have two questions:

1. The connection between WD1 and WD2 is constantly getting broken without any errors in log files both in WD1 and WD2. We suspect that the reason is some timeout on network devices due to long inactivity. Is there parameters to turn on some kind of automatic ping between WDs to keep the connection between them active ?

2. The scheme works when we use HTTP protocol between WD1 and WD2 but we need to make it HTTPS.

At the moment the protocol in wdisp/server_info_location file is J2EERI:

Version 1.0


J2EERI <Host> <Port> LB=xxx

P4RI <Host> <Port> LB=xxx

What protocol should we use for HTTPS: J2EESRI, J2EERI or some other ?

Best regards,