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Jul 02, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Work center Over load check at the time of LTP MRP run and select the second production version


I have a scenario - in LTP, Client running yearly plan and checking the demand and capacity, so for materials More than 2 Production versions are assigned, and the routing in the production versions contains different work centers. The capacity is to be checked against one of the WorkCentre in each production version.

On taking LTP MRP run, planned orders are created against the requirements, after MRP run the production version gets assigned in the Planned Order. I have a requirement where, at the time of LTP MRP run, the system should check the capacity for the work centers in the Production Version , and only assign the Prod version with the available capacity.

That is when a Planned Order is created , the Planned Orders' Prod version should have the version assigned with the right capacity work center.

I have searched in sap community, I found that we can achieve this with APO PPDS, I have asked some APO consultants they

were saying LTP planning not possible in APO.

My question is, is it possible with development. if possible please just give me a brief.


Is it Possible with IBP.