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Jul 07, 2020 at 12:11 PM

C4C UI - order of triggering actions

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Dear TEam,

we extended UtilitiesActionBo IN C4C utilities in order to meet one requiment. i have added on embedded component inside move out GAF flow and bound the public port of stadnard GAF component to inport of EC component and fire the custom event handler inside my EC when inport fires. customevent handler reads BO as first operation and triggers custom action.

inside the action, i am trying to read installation node of Utilities ActionBO.

my action is getting triggered as soon as we navigate to services page whiel peforming move out. however installation data is available some times and not avaialble some times. if i go back and again come to services page, then it is always available. not sure how to over come this issue. i tried kind of put wait logic. it did not work.

Basically i am trying to manipulate the checkbox 'select service' as highlighted in the attachment. this table row is bound to installation node of Action BO. I can manipulate the check box with out any issue. only problem is data is not avaialble first when we navigate services screen.

Is there any way to trigger my action only after data is avaialble on services screen.. capture.png


capture.png (31.2 kB)