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Jul 07, 2020 at 11:22 AM

create remote source from SAP cloud platform to Azure Hdinsight cluster connect issue


Hi .

My name is jose. I'm SAP BI consultant

Currently in our innovation Project we are facing a connection issue between two cloud systems. Let me detail the steps we follow to connect these systems.

. We have a daimler Azure dev/lab account and we have created an hdinsight cluster called “SmartSap”

The spark hana controller is working fine in our azure hdinsight “SmartSap” cluster as you can see.

Now that we see the HDinsight Hana spark controller is running and port listening we go to sap cloud platform where we have our Hana database and we will try to establish a connection from sap cloud platform to hdinsight cluster in Azure (we are using a dev/lab account).

Using sap cloud platform web based development workbench

  1. We have created a trial sap cloud platform account and created a Hana database which is started and running

  1. We would like now to establish the connection to Azure HDinsight spark so we select the SAP Hana web based Development workbench as IDE to set the connection. There’s a catalog tool we can select for this approach.

  1. We try to connect to the Azure hdinsight spark controller using a remote source connection.

Server: Public ip of the Spark host running SAP Hana Spark controller

Port: 7860 (The hana spark server controller listening port).

User: hanaes

Password: hanaes

However we get the same issue : “ Error reading remote object: Internal Error : dberror (CallableStatement execute): 403 Internal Error Cannot get remote source objects Connection has been closed

Basically as you can see what’s preventing us from going ahead is this connection issue.

If someone has faced before this kind of issue we would be grateful to listen to possible workarounds.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

BR/ Jose

Daimler SAP BI consultant


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