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Jul 07, 2020 at 05:11 AM

Defaulting owner and sales organization in new account create page in C4C

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Dear Expert,

we have requirement to default login user as owner and login user primary sales org to sales organization in the account create page .

we have written custom logic in customer xbo Root Node - Event AfterModify to determine owner and sales organization from login user. our custom logic is executed in back end when creating new account , but value is not displaying in the UI, while saving the account only the value is displaying in the UI.

The custom logic is written in Customer XBO Root Node – AfterModify event.


var identity = Identity.Retrieve(Context.GetCurrentIdentityUUID());

var employee = BusinessObject::Employee.Retrieve(identity.BusinessPartnerUUID);

var EmployeeResponsible = this.EmployeeResponsibleSales;



var employeeRes : elementsof Customer.CurrentEmployeeResponsible;

employeeRes.PartyRoleCode = "142";

employeeRes.EmployeeUUID = employee.UUID;

employeeRes.DefaultIndicator = true;



if(this.SalesArrangement.Count() == 0)


var salsorgAssign = employee.OrganisationalUnitAssignment;

foreach(var orgunit in salsorgAssign)


if(orgunit.RoleCode == "219")


var Assignsalesorg = SalesArrangement.Create();

Assignsalesorg.CustomerUUID = this.UUID;

Assignsalesorg.SalesOrganisationUUID = orgunit.ToRoot.UUID;



Assignsalesorg.DistributionChannelCode = orgunit.ToRoot.DistributionChannelAndDivision.GetFirst().DistributionChannelCode;

Assignsalesorg.DivisionCode = orgunit.ToRoot.DistributionChannelAndDivision.GetFirst().DivisionCode;





When clicking new button our custom code is executed but value is not displayed in the UI, when saving the account only its displaying the value.