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Jul 05, 2020 at 01:20 PM

EWM : Adding new field to the field catalog in Handling units customizing


Hi All,

I have added a new field in the customizing spro -> scm Extended Warehouse Management -> Extended Warehouse management -> Cross process settings -> Handling units ->Basics -> Print -> create Field Catalog . as follows :

Field Type : I

Implementation type : 1 i.e. Default Implementation

Field name : PHU_VSBED

Virtual :C

Selection Type : B

Data element : /SCWM/VSBED

1. If I give implementation type empty i.e. badi implementation, then while maintaining the condition records in transaction

/SCWM/PRHU6 , as soon as warehouse number is selected, it dumps at some conversion routine ? Most of the existing fields in the catalog are having 2 as the implementation type , description of which is default attribute conversion. I have not tried so far 2 as the implementation type . If I give the implementation type as 1 , then in the transaction /SCWM/VASEXEC during printing the maintained condition record was not selected. what should be the correct value of the implementation type ?

2. The data element was existing for the field vsbed so I given the field name also with prefix PHU , as like the existing fields in the catalog. Is this fine or should I have the field with a z prefix ?

3. other than adding field in the field catalog in this customizing , is there any thing else which needs to be done ?