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Jul 02, 2020 at 10:03 AM

SAP notes with manual tasks and repair objects (for S/4HANA Private Cloud / Extended)


Hi Community,

What’s the “modification” policy in S/4HANA EX (STE) environment regarding corrections?

For example, customer is aware these listed SAP notes are kind of standard corrections, but there are also included many manual tasks which will cause some repair objects etc. to be appearing in the system. This means technically, that we will most likely face these also within upcoming upgrades (SPDD/SPAU).

The objects are in SAP’s namespace and standard corrections, but they want to make sure how to manage this kind of cases in general

626235 - Tax postings with accounting BAPIs Version 17 from 13.05.2020 in English

2070697 - Filling tax information for BAPIs Version 54 from 08.05.2020 in English

Are these notes applicable for S/4HANA Extended - and what is the recommended approach (if any) for private cloud?