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Jul 02, 2020 at 09:25 AM

Group update requests when syncing in SAP MDK


Hi Experts,

I have created an offline MDK app where I show some orders and corresponding items. I have enabled edit functionality for items using a form cell page and created an odata action of type UpdateEntity to save the data. When I click on sync, the data is uploaded to the backend correctly. But with this approach, for each item a separate request gets sent. So for the same order, if I edit two items, two requests get sent.

In order to avoid lock issues, and update the order at once, how can I group all the update requests for the order or everything together, so that I can process them as one from the backend.

I want a similar functionality like batch changeset or create deep entity when we create Fiori apps. Please be kind enough to advice on steps I need to follow to achieve this.