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Jul 01, 2020 at 03:16 PM

Cost center related error "Cost Center is locked against direct postings" impacting HCM



In SAP, when we don't want to allow any posting to cost centre, in KS02 we just set the lock flag for all the expenses.

Lock (flag Actual primary costs). InEmployee Central, this flag is mapped to the status of the cost centre:

  • If the lock flag is not set in SAP ERP, the status of the cost centre isActiveinEmployee Central.
  • If the lock flag is set inSAP ERP, the status of the cost centre isInactiveinEmployee Central.

And In HCM we are getting an error, "Cost Centre is locked against direct postings", we cannot change the history records in Success factor and chance the cost centre to the unlocked once.

How should we resolve this error, can we change the validity end date instead of setting the lock flag?

Please suggest.