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Jul 04, 2020 at 11:21 AM

SAP ASE Backup status NOT available in dba cockpit nor changing colour as per legend symbol


Dear Experts,

I have scheduled the backup for ase database using dbacokpit but when i check the same in DBA Planning calendar as below i could see the entries.

and when i double click on the same to see its action description then it shows me below status.

then i could see its status is NOT available.However to assure the same i went to os level and checked if dmp file is created their or not and i found the file there So backup is running .My concern here is why the dbacokpit for ase is not changing its color(according to the legend as pasted below) and status according to the right action and result. please suggest as its a pain to check the file at os level every time.


capture.png (3.0 kB)
capture.png (19.1 kB)
capture.png (14.6 kB)