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Jul 02, 2020 at 02:11 PM

PowerDesigner 16 - List Report - Table-Column level Exporting to Excel format


I have a pretty simple List report that takes upwards of 10 mins to get saved as an Excel file. This is a local PDM file.

All I have is Table.Code, Column.Code, DataType, Length, Mandatory, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Is Key, Comment, Position In Parent Collection.

Model itself has maybe 50 tables and in the List report filter, I have about 15 tables.

Everytime I have to generate this report, PD will show the circle indicating it is processing and I then cannot do anything till it finishes.

I have to then open up another instance of PD and make sure the models I need to work on is not the same model and not open in the first instance of PD. This also un-necessarily consumes up another license from our Enterprise License Pool.