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Jul 01, 2020 at 07:12 AM

DD MRP - ADU and Buffer Calculation


I am facing issues of "ADU not getting updated" and "Buffer calculations are not updated". Please help me to resolve the issue. Please find below the sequence of steps done so far.

  1. Schedule Product Classification (DD) is successful
  2. Buffer profile maintenance is defined
  3. Mass Maintenance of products (DD) done
  4. Schedule Lead Time Classification is completed with success message
  5. Schedule Buffer Proposal Calculation was run. It is success with messages "3 products were selected for proposal run" and "Proposal Action Successful"
  6. After this, when I checked in MD04 header details, all parameters like Safety stock (DD), ROP (DD), Maximum stock (DD), Net flow position, Open Supply, Open demand, DLT, Order spike threshold, Spike Horizon date, product classification details..are all updated.
  7. But, ADU field is Zero. In fact, there was regular consumption of this materials in full month of June 2020.
  8. I checked consumption details in table MVER and they are there.
  9. Note: In the log details of Schedule Buffer Proposal calculation, in the log and results tab, the results is showing as "no entry with job results". I checked this for three materials, all three are having this issue.
  10. Then I checked the app "Manage Buffer Levels, "No data found".
  11. But I could see replenishment planning and replenishment execution details for two materials