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Jun 29, 2020 at 08:02 PM

Brazilian TAX Calculation: Excluir ICMS da base de cálculo de PIS e Cofins


Hello SAP Brazil Experts,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe during this difficult times. Please accept my sincere apologies for posting my question in English as my Portuguese is really weak.

My questions is regarding exclusion of ICMS tax from PIS and COFINS Base for calculation. My client in Brazil is also one of the company impacted due to the judicial review. we reached out to SAP but they have directed us to SAP note 2545409 - No Legislation for ICMS Exclusion from PIS and COFINS Base which clearly states SAP has no intentions to deliver the solution at least in the near future as the rule currently applies to handful of companies who are impacted due to judicial review and not applicable to companies at large. The SAP note also states impacted customers to develop own custom solution. I have read a few blogs dated end of 2017 in the community where the issue was discussed but there is no clear solution as yet.

Appreciate if you please share your experience and approach if you have implemented the above solution at your company or at your client?

Thank you