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Data Replication issue for R/3 on i5


1) Do we need the data in following 2 files to be replicated when the production operation runs on

Stand-by system?

DBSTATIDB4 Index Sizes in the Database (statistical data)

DBSTATTDB4 Table Sizes in the Database (statistical data)

2) If we don't need data in those 2 files when production operation is underway on Stand-by,

please let us know any considerations if you have.


Although our customer has two R/3 system on i5 configured as a production and a stand-by system

and replicate R/3 production data to stand-by system using data replication tool called MIMIX,

sometimes we encounter a problem with the data of following files are out of synchronization.

Files cannot be replicated:

DBSTATIDB4 F@Index Sizes in the Database (statistical data)

DBSTATTDB4 F@Table Sizes in the Database (statistical data)

The reason for that is because of the new DB function called fast-delete since V5R3.

This problem happens due to the fact that this function execute ENDJRN/STRJRN and it makes

problem within MIMIX replication operation.

In order to avoid this problem, we'd like to make sure that it's possible to eliminate these files

out of synchronization and need more information for these files.

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2 Answers

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    Apr 17, 2006 at 06:46 AM

    Hello Yuhko,

    first of all thank you very much, that you are the first user/customer, that is using this new and great forum !!!

    We will move lot's of further customers into this forum soon.

    Fortunately, yes you can ignore these 2 tables if you like - they are not really interesting for the healthy of your SAP system. But, are you really on the latest PTF Levels of V5R3 - because I know this error and it should be fixed in the meantime - perhaps you need a newer MIMIX version as well - you should at least check.

    Then you could configure to run this "crazy" job not twice a day, but once a week only - that makes even your system faster ... This could be done in ST03 in the collector configuration. It is RSORATDB or RSDB_TDB in TCOLL - depending on your SAP release.

    But again:

    If you want to exclude these 2 tables from replication you are fine as well - but I would make this job even more rarely for better performance.


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    • Former Member Former Member


      I don't have these numbers - it is just useful. If you don't apply no problem, just miss the advantage ...

      But: Don't complain on bad performance in future !



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    Apr 26, 2006 at 09:24 PM

    IBM SQE FAST DELETE - has been incorporated into the MIMIX core product. The new functionality is now available in D060 and above.

    PRIOR TO D060 -

    IBM SQE FAST DELETE (introduced with OSV5R3) will generate a single journal entry, either a CR or a CG, when all records are deleted with the SQL DELETE statement. Lakeview Technical Alert MX4406092 suggests to revert to the prior delete method by setting SQL_FAST_DELETE_ROW_COUNT in QAQQINI to *NONE.


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    • Former Member

      Hello Doreen,

      Thank you very much for your reply.

      Unfortunately, since we're in the final stage of the integration test phase in our project, it's almost impossible to upgrade the level of SPC of MIMIX.

      Therefore, as an alternative I consider not to synchronize DBSTATTxx files to the Stand-by system.

      In the meantime, I've got the information about InfoAPAR II13868 that contains various kinds of fix regarding R3 function.

      If you know about II13868 and whether SQL_Fast_Delete function kinds of fix is included, please let me know.