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Jun 26, 2020 at 12:35 PM

Error while integrating master data from S4 Hana to ARIBA procurement via CIG

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We are currently migrating our ECC system to S4 Hana, and our integration with ARIBA from PI to CIG. While performing a test to integrate the master data from our S4 system, we got the following error message.

Document Failed during HTTP post for Customer ANXXXXX - Realm Name with HTTP Response Code :500 and Response Message: FAILED. Suggested Action : HTTP Post to Target system failed and above response message is received . Common HTTP Error Response and their suggestive actions. 500 -> Internal Server Error -> Check in the target system for exact nature of request failure. 400-4XX -> Authentication Issue,Forbidden,Not Found -> check target system provided valid authentication details in CIG or the target service is available,Target System service has right ACL's declared. CIG Error Code : CIG-PLT-04640

I understand that there is a uthentication issue, but I'm not able to understand why we are having this issue. There are not errors in SLG1, SRT_UTIL or in the correspondent integration flow in CPI. On the error description is indicated that I need to check the target system, but I don't know where can I check this log.

As part of the CIG enablement actions in ARIBA, we have performed all the following steps:

1. Enable the CIG from Manage / Core Administration / Integration Manager / Cloud integration Gateway.

2. Add the certification downloaded from CIG (Certificant for tenants) in ARIBA integration Toolkit Security

3. Create a Service request to enable the feauture by configuring the integration event CIG authentucation refers to independent certificate. The service request has been already reply as done by ARIBA and were closed.

Is there any missing step?

I have also check that there is a External system configured in ARIBA correspond to the value on the field ARBCIG_TVARV-EXTERNAL_SID. I've check this on ARIBA Manage / Core Administration / Master Data / External System Configuration.

Have you ever seen a similar error? Could you please indicate me how to correct it?

Thanks in advance!