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Jul 01, 2020 at 04:24 AM

Overpicking without Pick Point


We have a scenario to pick only unit ( Quantity Classifier= U ) quantities from a bulk storage type. This picked quantity needs first to be transferred on a truck ( configured as a normal storage type ) and then moved to the repacking area where we need to repack a smaller quantity from the picked HU to be sent to other plant via a STO.


1. Source Storage type: Bulk Storage with rounding rule 4 ( round up to multiple of units )
2. Truck : a general storage type
3. Repacking storage type: Workcenter

LOSC 1: B401 to GI-ZONE with Intermediate TRUCK

LOSC2: TRUCK to Gi-ZONE with intermediate REPACKING AREA

We also use packspec with reocrd 0WHT so that with quantity classifier U onlu units are picked while task creation.

Issue is while i try to create my first task with a STO of suppose 4 KG and my unit quantity being 181 KG i get the error "warehouse request X: Line item X should not be overpicked"