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Jul 01, 2020 at 08:07 AM

Namespace change during a BW/4 Shell Conversion

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Hi All,

Would anyone please share their experiences with automatic namespace conversion in the target system during a BW/4 Shell Conversion?

If it is possible via the Transfer/Conversion Tool, to what level does the namespace conversion happen automatically? For example, do the info-object & info-provider references/look-ups appearing in info-area / data-models / programs / routines also get converted to the new target namespace automatically?

By namespace conversion we mean, if the source system object has a technical name “/ABC/BW_Object” the target should have “/DEF/BW_Object”

In a SAP Webinar hosted in June, though the content slides said namespace conversion is possible via the tool, when we put a question if they had done it successfully, their reply was that they hadn't tried it themselves.

So would welcome any feedback from those who have attempted Shell Conversion and namespace conversion successfully. Thanks in advance!


Sudhanshu Surma