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Feb 15, 2017 at 02:34 PM

CSS selection of the first column


Hi everyone,

I tried to use Mustafa Bensan's CSS approach using rect element and it worked as it did in the past.

I noticed that all columns of DE is blue after the CSS, the thing I'm looking for is just a one step away. I only want the first column in blue as below.

In order to do that I need to be able to select only the first column in CSS. I find that all originally red columns (MOB columns) have everything same but their data-id and data-datapoint-id numbers highlighted in green above. I'm trying to select only the column with data-id = 0 and data-datapoint-id = 1 but couldn't succeed yet.

So far what I have is this.

/*chartColumn1 is the class I use for my InfoChart*/

.chartColumn1 g.v-m-main g.v-m-plot g.v-plot-main g.v-datapoint-groupg.v-datapoint:NTH-CHILD(2) rect{

fill: #0000ff; !important;


And code below doesn't work in my case.


fill: #0000ff; !important;


Does anyone know how to only select the chartColumn1 class' g element's column with data-id=0 and data-data-point-id=1?

Best regards,