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Jul 01, 2020 at 07:39 AM

Reusable Work Schedules question

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Hello, we have been working on localisation and a question came up that we cannot find a good answer to anywhere.

In Work Centar: Business Configuration -> Go to: Implementation Projects -> Select: First Implementation -> Go to: -> Integrate and Extend -> Find: Reusable Work Schedules

There is no option to select Country HR Croatia.

We have create HR Croatia via SAP Design Studio and add to Scope but in this setup Country is other Bussines Object.

1.How to find out for particular field which is a business object definition? For example: In Reusable Work Schedules definition for field Country?

2.From Localization Toolkit (SAP Jam) we dont have any information that Reusable Work Schedules is Country specific. There is no any documentation regarding how to create or is something country specific for Work Schedules. From other side for Country that SAP is delivered localization – there is specific Country for select.

What is your recommendation: use existing country for Reusable Work Schedules setup and use them to define the Time Model or create HR Country and then build on it Reusable Work Schedules? If suggestion is to create HR Country for this purpose, how we can do that?

Thank you, best regards,