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Jun 28, 2020 at 09:12 PM

SAP system refresh for PI-AEX - huh?


Hi community,

We are about to commence a refresh of our core landscape (ERP, BW, ..etc..) from production to our non-production environments (sandpit, FST, QA), a process we are very familiar with for our core ABAP products. This will be the first time we are performing a refresh with PI-AEX (SAP NW Java 7.5) as part of our landscape.

I'm aware that we can perform a standard homogeneous system copy for NW JAVA (syscopy), however I don't know if you would actually copy a PI-AEX system for the purposes of a test system refresh, given the PI-AEX environment does not hold any transaction or master data.

For everyone's benefit, this is my definition of a syscopy vs refresh -

System Copy = a copy of a source system to a target system with a different SID (eg when establishing a new SID in your landscape to help minimize the initial manual build/configuration of the new SID)

System Refresh = copy of a source system to target system with a different SID, retaining the target systems original technical configuration (eg RFCs, trust stores, SSLcerts, users, security policies, ALE config, BGRFC config, webservice config/definitions, batch jobs, archive config, BW source system config, CCMS config, CTS/TMS config, DB13 schedules, ECATT config, logical file definitions, LDAP config, logon groups, opmodes, printer definitions, IMG project definitions, SAPconnect config, SDCCN history, etc, etc, etc)

So my question is this. When performing a landscape system refresh from production to non-production (eg Prod to QA) has anyone performed this also with their PI-AEX instance?

If you have, why? What was the benefit of "refreshing" PI-AEX? Was it really a refresh, or a system copy?