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Cannot set up SQL Anywhere service for PowerDesigner Repository on NAS drive

I've got several SQL Anywhere databases on a desktop PC hosting PowerDesigner repositories, and I use SQL Central to set up services for accessing them. I have a similar set up on a laptop, and I need to ensure that the databases on the two machines are synchronised - I often set up a demonstration or training course on the desktop and run it from the laptop at a remote site. Up to now I've put the databases into a OneDrive folder, expecting OneDrive to keep them synchronised on the two machines. I avoid accessing the same database on the two machines at the same time, but OneDrive still messes it up, deciding to rename database files seemingly randomly to avoid some form of conflict.

So I decided to move the databases to a NAS drive accessible to both machines, and I'll take a copy of the database files when I need to leave the office.

I changed the database services in SQL Central to point to the NAS drive, and they won't start. They return 'an unknown error' when I try and start them. I CAN connect to them directly without a service, so what's the problem? I've tried using a mapped drive to reference the database, and also the network URL, like this line below - neither works

-n DemoRepository "\\[serverName]\PD_Repos\Demo\16-7DemoDB.db"
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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jun 25 at 12:43 PM

    Services, running under the System account, cannot typically see network resources such as the NAS you are attempting to access. You will need to create an account that has visibility to the NAS and start the service with that account.

    As an aside, you should not typically host a database on a network resource other than NAS, SAN, or equivalent technology. We have not tested OneDrive but I believe that it would be a risky technology for a SQLA database.

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    • This is all running on a desktop PC and a NAS drive on top of the desk. I think I'd be better off finding a way for an up-to-date copy to be maintained on the NAS drive. I see from the help file that I can run a continuous backup using the dbbackup utility, though I don't know how to run that automatically. Perhaps I could have something that runs automatically when the service shuts down?

      As you can tell, my knowledge of administering databases is minima!