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Jun 30, 2020 at 08:12 AM

Basic authentication before hitting API proxy


Hello All,

I have a target endpoint webservice which is based on basic authentication. But I would like to use this basic authentication only while API Management hits the target endpoint. I know this would be possible by using the policy 'Basic Authentication'. Now my question is, can we also setup additional basic authentication from calling application -> API Management?

Meaning - Imagine there is basic authentication with credentials - username1/password1 on a SOAP webservice which is my target end point.

Also I would maintain new credentials: username2/password2 in key value map of APIM. Calling application should pass these credentials to APIM and APIM should verify if these credentials are the right by comparing in key value map. If they are not the right ones, the API request should be denied. If successful, APIM will send the request to target by passing username1/password1 to SOAP webservice(Target endpoint)