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Integrating SAP ByD Custom Odata to MVC ASP.NET C#


I have created a custom OData service in SAP ByDesign and now I am trying to integrate the Odata using MVC ASP.NET. Has anyone figured it out on how to implement/integrate OData? If yes, can someone provide me the steps or documentation on how will I integrate the Odata to an MVC ASP.NET and connect it to SAP ByD? Appreciate all the help.

Thanks and Regards,

JM Angeles

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jun 30 at 06:48 AM

    Hi JM,

    A few options of REST client for DotNet.

    • RestSharp (support both Framework or Core)
    • DotNet HttpClient or WebClient (The sample is based on HttpClient, available in both Framework or Core 2.0 above.Please check out the Tutorial for details)
    • WCF Data Service (Not recommended. DotNet Framework only, proxy classes generated based on OData metadata, additional WCF Data Service Client to be installed. Additional http overhead introduced by WCF, and result in performance downgrade.)

    Have a look at this blog post about the comparison of different REST client for DotNet.

    Kind Regards, Yatsea

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    • Hi JM,

      If it the same user work fine with POSTMAN accessing to OData, then it has nothing to do with ByD. The the configuration should be all all right.

      Please assure the right authentication(user credentials) is passed on the http request through DotNet. Very likely, the problem is on your code passing the authentication.

      If possible, please share your code snippet here with your sensitive data(login url, user credential) removed. Thanks.

      Kind Regards,Yatsea