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Using EHS report comparison with O365 (Word 2016), result file looks "ugly"

Feb 15, 2017 at 02:20 PM


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Hi, we have an issue with function report-comparison + Word 2016 (O365).

Report comparison opens all 3 files as before with Word 2010 using now O365 - but the Word settings for showing the deviations are not working. Whenever you start Word again all these settings are gone. The settings are put into the registry but not used afterwards.

The result is that the comparison file just shows a marker on the left hand side showing that someting was changed. Nothing else. In Word 2010 for example you could use a red color + strike-through to show text beeing deleted. Or a blue color + underline to see text being added. Perfect way to read the result file.

According to Microsoft (a call opened by our O365 experts) MS wants to kill this feature. I am wondering if we are the first company facing this issue. SNOTE messages: I did not find any help from SAP or hint.

Is someone using O365 + EHS + report comparison ? Same ugly result ? Or is it still working properly ?

Thanks for any hint. Best regards - Wolfgang

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Dear Wolfgang

any new Word Version is a challenge (to make it work with WWI). Microsoft don't stop to change "WinWord". SAP has here "less" influence.

In any case. Please check SAP marketplace. Is WWI released for this WinWord version? Are there limitations "listed" by SAP e.g. as those you have found)

This "dependence" of the WWI process on the "WinWord" environment is one of the reasons why SAP might deliver a different EHS solution with S/4 HANA.

We are currently not using this Word version. So we know now. there will be a challenge

C.B .

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Mark Pfister
Feb 27, 2017 at 12:24 PM

Hello Wolfgang,

This is how it looks like for me - using office 365 - and I guess how SAP intended it to look like:

You can see:

  • the Compared Document in the middle
  • the Original Document on the Top right
  • the Revised Document on the lower right
  • an overview of the changes on the left side

I would suggest re-installing WWI (latest version) after you have updated your word version.

Hope this helps


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