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License Type & User Type for BOT User SAP PROPOSED SOLUTION

We are currently working on multiple PoC where we need to create the users in systems like ECC for BOT. The requirement from Development team is to provide Dialog User type. However, considering the BOT users are not the Named users, we are still working with Internal Control team to take necessary approval. However, we would like to understand from SAP on strategy for following:

  1. Is there any separate license that customer has to procure for BOT user or existing named licenses like Application Professional, Limited Professional would work?
  2. Is there any alternate user type that SAP is defining to handle such requirement. Currently, we can see Dialog, System, Service, Communication etc. as user type.
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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 01 at 03:36 PM

    Hi Ankur,

    Looks like your case falls under Indirect usage.Below SAP detailed definition

    •What is Indirect Access (or Indirect Use)?This is everything else that does not qualify as hands on keyboards from human users. Think interfaces, bots, EDIs, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, and more. If data gets into SAP or a transaction is created through a non-human action, this is considered indirect access, also known as indirect use. SAP defines indirect use as “when people or things use the Digital Core without directly logging into the system.” • •What is Indirect Static Read? When data is exported out of SAP for use in downstream business processes in a batch-related way, whether through reports or data sent to third-party systems. Indirect static read is considered use, but it is free of charge when done out of your ERP system. • •What Indirect Static Read Is (and Isn’t): If you export your customer master data to analyze in a spreadsheet or send on to another application, that is considered static read, with no associated charge.

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