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Jun 25, 2020 at 08:38 PM

Screen is not refreshed using javascript timing events

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countdownscript.txtGood afternoon.

I'm trying to use a countdown process to tick down a timer on my flavor.

I have a field on my flavor. I want an initial value of "30" displayed and then set a time / interval to count down the value every minute until the value reaches zero.

The script is counting down and I can see the countdown in the log but the field / label is not being reset. I have tried combinations of another post suggestion to add "sap.personas.scripting.executeScriptInternal({src:''});" to the script but it isn't working.

I am working in Personas 3.0 SP10 on Slipstream.

I have tried adding the script to various screen events (onAfterRefresh, onLoad, etc) and nothing changes.

My script is attached. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,