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Jun 23, 2020 at 11:31 AM

Reversal of 687 movement type / POD less than the delivery qty


Dear Experts,

I have 2 step goods issue enabled i.e. 687 at time of goods issue and 601 at time of POD.

Scenario is this-

We place an order(10 PC), delivery is created(10PC), product leaves the plant (687 is posted and it is moved from unrestricted to Issue Valuated SIT). Product reaches customer. Customer accepts only partially i.e. he accepts only 6PC. So POD is done for 6PC and remaining 4PC is mentioned in variance in POD. With this 601 movement type is posted for 6PC. Customer is billed for 6PC.

Now we need to get the remaining 4 PC back in system. So a return order is created for 4PC following by a return delivery and receipt.

But in all this, the 687 movement type was done for 10PC and therefore MMBE still reflects 4PC is Issuing valuated SIT.

So question is that in case of 2 step goods issue process, how do we handle returns scenario?