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Jun 25, 2020 at 06:10 AM

Bo 4.2.7 Cluster distributed feature tasks only work on the Master


I have installed an BO 4.2.7 cluster on virtual machines -pretty much simple forward.

One Master with cms and filestore .

several Members to do the webi processing.

Workload is balanced across the cluster - works fine - but:

1) The commentary feature works only when I limit the Feature to the commentary server on the master - using the commentary service of a member and the service is displayed as missing or not working.

2) Search feature - the same situation -if run on the Master it is working fine - I had to disable search on the members.

for 1-2 I have a work-around.

3) Additional installed fonts - installed and configured on all servers of course - are only used in pdf when the report is done by the master.

So it seems I am missing some importand point in the cluster configuration.

Anyone able to share some insight?