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Jun 24, 2020 at 07:46 AM

Disable Activate Notification Pop-up


Hi Experts,

Our business requirement is to hide the Pop-up to enter the details of the Notification Please refer the image attachment . Let me explain the business background for it.

The functionality is to keep the notification open after usage decision, hence in the defect class the Activate notification radio button has been Checked. So as a result when the defects are captured for the MIc and the inspection Operation is changed or inspection lot is saved the system will throw this pop-up to activate the notification I.e remove DEFR system status from the Notification, so that the notification will be open even after u.d….

but now the business requires that the Quality notification should be activated, but the pop-up shouldn't appear. they will manually add the details to the notification lateron

how can we achieve this requirement...Please suggest your expertise.. on BADI. as far I knw there is not standard way to hide this pop-up



capture.png (33.9 kB)