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Jun 23, 2020 at 06:05 AM

Transporting activated SICF nodes


Hello everyone.

In S/4 HANA 1909, I have come across Tasklists SAP_GATEWAY_ACTIVATE_ODATA_SERV in which I can see an option to add a transport and capture activated OData services, which can be further released to Quality and Production systems from the Development environment.

I was wondering how to implement the same for activated SICF nodes(standard fiori apps)? I dont see a similar option in the tasklist SAP_BASIS_ACTIVATE_ICF_NODES. Neither can I see any option in SICF.

My main objective is to activate all SICF nodes and OData services in development environment and transport it to Quality and Production systems without having the need to activate them manually again.

Any help would be appreciated.